Turning Around an Unprofitable Photography Business in Just 6 Months


Julia's passion for heart and relationship creates the foundation for her photography. She brings a light-hearted approach with a photo-journalistic style to every session. Over the course of 18 years in the photography business she has found her passion in photographing families and high school seniors. She produces a unique perspective for each of their clients.

Julia finds her career in photography highly rewarding; it allows her to do what she loves and have the time she wants to live life with her husband of 20 years and their four children. Her many interests other than photography include journaling, developing her heart, daily tea time with her husband, playing games with her kids, hiking, gardening, and traveling.


Julia Woods has her pricing down to a science, but it didn’t always use to be that way. In her program, Julia shares how she went from “being in the red” to having a thriving studio within 6 months.



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