A Baby Plan that Doesn’t Attract Cheap Clients


Julie Klaasmeyer, M.Photog, Cr.Photog, owns and operates j.klaasmeyer photography & design studio, a 9,000 sq ft boutique studio located in Paola, Kansas. Julie's passion for art started when she was young and has taken her through projects from scrap booking to cake decorating with many others in between. She combined this passion for art with her love of photography and opened her doors thirteen years ago. Julie is dedicated to providing only the finest for her clients and consistently re-develops her product line to offer new and fresh art for them as well. She uses primarily natural light and loves to incorporate digital art and image design into her work flow. Julie has taught classes and workshops all over the country and has given programs for PPA and WHCC, her photo lab. Julie is featured as one of a handful of instructors for a professional photographer’s video series called Photovision. Her images have been displayed in PPA Loan collections over the years, PPA magazine, WHCC photo booth, GW Moulding, Greeting cards and calendars throughout Europe and many background companies as well. Julie has earned several Fuji Masterpiece awards, Kodak Gallery awards, judge’s ribbons, and was named 2009 Kodak Photographer to watch.


Julie Klaasmeyer went from being a stay at home mom to a profitable studio owner. In her program, she shares how to do a superior baby plan that attracts the right clients.



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