Justin and Mary Marantz

Doubling Your Wedding Pricing Overnight – Without Starting Over


Justin & Mary are an internationally acclaimed wedding photography duo, who travel the globe shooting weddings, teaching, & inspiring other small business owners. But when they were first getting started, they found themselves struggling to barely get by and realized they were often losing money on all these weddings they were traveling for. Building on Justin's savvy marketing sense and Mary's business law degree from Yale Law School, they quickly turned it around into the multi-six-figure studio that it is today where the two of them regularly command $10-20k for their weddings. And they will be sharing exactly what they did to get there during their one hour interview with the Joy of Marketing. Last year they shot close to 40 weddings, put on their “Walk Through a Wedding” Workshops worldwide including The Netherlands & Australia, took their “What's Next Tour" to 10 cities across the country on their very own tour bus, presented at international conferences including WPPI and The Dutch Wedding Congress... and drank way more Starbucks than any normal person should. And they’re just getting warmed up!


Justin and Mary Marantz are a dynamic wedding photographer duo. In their program, they share how they doubled their wedding prices overnight. With Justin’s creativity and Mary’s business sense, this team has become “the” wedding photographers.



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