Sarah Petty

From Cheapest to the Highest Priced In Town – How I Raised My Prices Without Losing All of My Clients


Marketing guru Sarah Petty is the owner of a boutique studio, Sarah Petty Photography and named one of the most profitable photography studios in the country by Professional Photographers of America. She’s your host for the Pain-Free Pricing event where you’ll hear her dig in to pricing with 9 well-known photographers and uncover why they price the way they do. Over the last 7 years, Sarah has taught thousands of photographers how to charge what they’re worth while still thrilling their loyal clients. She’s the co-author of the New York Times Best-selling book, Worth Every Penny and teaches marketing to photographers at her company Joy of Marketing.


Sarah Petty is a boutique business owner, who started her photography business in her home over 15 years ago. In her program, she shares how she went from being the cheap photographer to the high-end photographer. After making these pricing changes, within five years she was one of the most profitable photographers in the country.



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